Development Strategies

On October 2, 2012 by admin

The Udaya Group believes in sound and sustainable enterprises as the backbone to country’s development. Soundness of enterprises in developing and emerging countries depend on both micro and macro level competitiveness.

On micro level, we dissect the value chain of an existing industry to come up with implementation strategies enabling actors to move up in the value chain or to be empowered within its own levels. Similarly, for small enterprises to be sustainable in the marketplace, they have to successfully compete within the industry or venture into becoming a bold market maker. Head-on competition means an actor can either compete on price or on value, either of which requires extensive research and solid strategies.

On macro level, regulatory environment, policies towards enterprises, subsidies, export promotion schemes, infrastructure etc. affect growth and competitiveness. In emerging and developing markets, there is also a risk of a parallel informal economy which doesn’t bound to the same rules and regulations, yet compete at the same level with legible enterprises. The Udaya Group works with governments, international development organizations and industry associations to assess these elements, understand and tackle risks leading towards strengthening private sector in the economy.

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