Managed Service


Professional Managed Service by TUG

“Invaluable service for unbelievably low price which simply pays for itself in no time!” – Current client’s comment


For less than your company’s cost for a dinner, The Udaya Group (TUG) provides you with a fully dedicated professional resource for an entire month!

At just US$ 599/month, you will have a committed individual working on your digital outreach, content scraping, marketing research and customer service initiatives to name a few.

While TUG will help you strategize how to use the resource, alternatively, you may chose to mobilize him/her in your own creative ways to achieve your goals.

Highlights of this service:

  • No long term commitment. Simply “plug-and-play” when you need our service
  • Dedicated intelligent and business savvy MBA graduates
  • Devoted to your mission
  • Seamless, timely and responsive communication guaranteed
  • Fully committed to data protection and privacy
  • Package priced at US$ 599/month. Period!

Some ways we can help our clients and partners with our services are:

  • Content and Data Curation – We can evaluate, edit, curate or create web-contents, helping you deliver critical information to your current and potential customers.
  • Social Media Management – We can manage and/or initiate active engagement with your current and potential customers through social media, driving interests and ultimately sales.
  • Data Cleaning – We can help you clean big and raw data so that useful information can be quickly extracted and effectively mobilized.
  • Scraping – We can help you scrape for data and information in websites and other sources so that you can use that information to serve your audiences better.
  • Research – We can assist you with web-based research on products and services, helping you to better understand competitive landscape and opportunities.
  • Customer Service – Whether through chat, email or phone, we can take care of your customers’ inquiry, so that you can focus on creating excellent product and services.

For many of our existing clients, TUG’s professional resource has been a critical component that has helped build and scale their organizations.

Send us an email at or click here to discuss your particular needs.


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