About Us

The Udaya Group serves organizations primarily based-in, serving or venturing into emerging & frontier markets. We have seen that in newer markets, an enormous gap exists between strategies and actual implementation, leading to plethora of strategies that are not feasible. These result in wastage of time, energy and financial resources.

The Udaya Group develops projects not only through the narrow lens of financial returns, but also with a contextual understanding and vision. What this means is, while we scout for opportunities, we look through a multidisciplinary lens that includes social and political risks, impacts and opportunities. This gives us a unique approach to innovate and deliver results.

The Udaya Group is not only your strategic adviser but is also your partner in your project. We work with you and your organization to envision possibilities and turn them into realities. Because we get directly involved, we have a “skin in the game” – an unwavering sense of responsibility and accountability – a full fledged dedication to making your project a success.

Please contact us at info@theudayagroup.com if you wish to further explore opportunities for your projects and ideas.


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