The members of The Udaya Group have multitude of experiences in diverse geographical locations and in tackling multidisciplinary cases. We offer expertise and solution that are efficient, sustainable and market driven for private sector clients, non-profit institutions and governmental bodies.  Below is a synopsis of sample projects that The Udaya Group has undertaken:


C3 International –  The Udaya Group assisted C3 International in delivering a world class maiden summit in New York City that focused on bridging the gap between the US  and the Middle East through trade and commerce. The Udaya Group advised the CEO and the management team of C3 in providing summit’s initial concept/brand strategy, project management, marketing/outreach strategy and project implementation. C3 Summit assembled business leaders, policy makers, educators and civil society members  along with a keynote address from former president of the US, Bill Clinton, in bringing together the two regions through social, cultural and economic initiatives. The Udaya Group’s multidisciplinary expertise provided a backbone for a successful summit, which has now transformed into a go-to conference for organizations longing to understand the next wave of global trajectory. The Udaya Group will continue to partner with C3 International on upcoming summits over the years.


 Copara International – The Udaya Group helped Copara International perform an extensive market research and developed a go-to market strategy for its products and services. The Udaya Group pulled its multidisciplinary expertise in creating a professional, concise and coherent service offerings that could be marketed to Copara’s current and potential clients. The strategies and materials that The Udaya Group put in place was critical for Copara in outreaching and servicing to financial service clients such as Value Line, Thomson Reuters, National Bank of Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Investment Company (Invest AD).

 Alaxas Systems

Alaxas Systems – The Udaya Group helped Alaxas System – a full service information technology company based in US and India – to build its brand in the US. Using a mix of sales and go-to strategy as well as new and traditional media marketing expertise, The Udaya Group not only came up with strategies but also implemented those strategies where applicable for Alaxas.


 Biruwa Ventures – The Udaya Group consulted the founders of Biruwa Ventures in outlining the initial concept of the start-up, in building a brand and creating a clear value proposition in envisioning long term strategic goals. The combination of development expertise and enterprise building know-how  provided by The Udaya Group was instrumental for Biruwa’s vision to become both self sustaining as well as development oriented organization. The Udaya Group continues to support Biruwa in becoming a successful incubator leading to creation of a much developed entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal.


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